The Rainbow Bridge



Rest in Peace

Sweet Mojo

December 29, 2007 at 12:15pm on the back deck of his home with the wind blowing, Mojo passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.


Mojo - 12/7/98-12/29/07





Here is the prayer Donna read to him as he passed.

Lord, please take this precious boy Mojo, into your arms and love him like we do.
We realize his time here on earth is done and we thank you for allowing us to have him with us for this short time. 

Tell him often how much he was and still is loved and take him home with dignity.

Make his passing from this life to yours painless and filled with the knowledge that he's enriched many lives and accomplished all
you set out for him to do.




Celebrate Mojo's Life


Mojo & Zoe ~ Best friends forever




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