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Agility Training

Agility Nerd

     Learning the Front Cross

     Learning the Rear Cross

     One Jump Drills

     Serpentine Handling Techniques

AKC - Getting Started in Agility

AKC Agility Events

Canine Crib - Build Your Own Agility Course

     Standard Jump

     Tire Jump

     Teeter Board

     Weave Poles

CPE (Canine Performance Events)

North American Dog Agility Council


Behavior and Training

Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Training Resources

Canine Good Citizen Test Requirements

Common Behavior Questions

Dog Talk - The Radio Show

Dog Tip: Stopping Dogs From Eating Poop

Flying Dog Press - Suzanne Clothier

Hand Signals - Obedience Training

How to fit a Prong Collar for Dog Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Myrna Milani: Integrating animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond

Puppy Training and Socialization Tips

Volhard Top Dog Training

Wolf Park - Education, Research, Conservation


Choosing a Breeder

Breeder Comparison Matrix

Choosing a Breeder

You Need to Know, before you buy, before you breed


First Aid & Health

Animal Hospitals - USA

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - Toxic Plants

Bloat, the mother of all Emergencies

Bloat - Acupressure Bloat Point

Deskunking Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

First Aid and Emergency Care for Your Dog

First Aid Kits & Emergency Treatment

Hot Spots - Skin Problems in Dogs

Hot Spots - Skin Irritations

The Merck Veterinary Manual

OFA: Hip Dysplasia Grades

Pet First Aid and Emergency Care

Second Chance Pets: Household Medications for Pets

Poison Emergency 24-Hour Hotlines
     • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-4-ANI-HELP or 1-888-426-4435
     • National Animal Poison Control Center 1-800-548-2423

Field work

Dogs Afield - Field Dog Supplies for the Retriever Trainer

Dressler's Dog Supplies


Food and Nutrition

Dog Food Analysis - Critical Reviews of Top Brands

The Dog Food Project - How Does Your Brand Compare? and Raw Foods Diet

Should Your Dog Eat BARF?

Yummy for Dogs: Biscuits

GourmetSleuth - Dog Treats Recipes

Tips for Choosing a Good Dog Food

The BARF Diet – A Healthy, Natural, Nutritional and Complete Raw Diet for your Pet

Barf for Beginners

Rawfood Diet for Dogs & Cats - Recipe Ideas




World Canine Freestyle Organization

Carolyn Scott's Magic of the Match

Dancing with your Dog

Freestyle with Richard Curtis

Dance! Dog! Dance!

Musical Dog Sport Association (MDSA)


General Info

Canine Personality Profile

Golden Retriever Club of America

Dogwise - Books About Dogs

Dog Owner's Guide

Steve Dale - Pet World

The Senior Dogs Project


Gold Post Member Websites


Little Kimba






Grooming - A Tutorial

FURminator Deshedding Tool


Pedigree and Breed Research - The Open Database for Golden Retriever Pedigrees

Dog Breed Information Center


Pet Friendly Vacations - Pet Travel Guides and City Guides for Dog/Pet Owners

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Trips with Pets

Dog in my Suitcase

Dog Paddling Adventures

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Canada 

The Inn at Restful Paws (Central Massachusetts)

The Pawhouse Inn (Vermont)


Pet Supplies

Boomerang Dog Tags

Bridgeport Equipment

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

Doggone Good!

J & J Dog Supplies - Specializing in Agility Equipment

Military-style Tags for Dogs

Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots

Ruffwear Gear for Active Dogs

Wolf Packs - Gear for Working Dogs

Yellow Snow Dog Gear

Z-Control Skid Boots


Rescue Organizations

Rescue Groups - State Listings


Search and Rescue (SAR)

Canine Search and Recovery

National Association for Search and Rescue


Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School - Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School



North American Flyball Association


Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dogs International

Therapy Dogs, Requirements and Resources

Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Animal Angels - Animals for Human Wellness

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Disclaimer: As with anything else you may find on the Internet, information presented here is opinion only. It is up to you to consult with a professional (eg, a veterinarian, a dog trainer) before trying anything on your own pet. The Gold Post offers no guarantees as to the suitability or reliability of any of the listed links.


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