Rescue of the Month

June 2013 ~ Meet Papo

PapoGender: Male

Age: 9 years

Location: South Florida

Rescue Group: Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue (EGRR)

Out of State Adoptions: Yes, in some cases



Bio: Meet Papo, a 9 year old boy who is a victim of the economy. His “dad” lost his job and the family had to move in with his parents. They couldn’t take the dog, so Papo found himself without a home. His “mom” was terribly sad to surrender him to EGRR, but she had no choice.

PapoPapo is a real “Velcro” dog. He loves following his foster dad around everywhere he goes--even to work every day! He is very well behaved, knows his basic commands and comes when called. He gets along with all the dogs he meets on his daily walks, and is quite laid back at home.

Papo is very healthy, but has had chronic ear infections that were not properly treated, leading to hematomas and partially closed ear canals. However, he still manages to hear quite well and is receiving drops for the condition.

His former family said that he is afraid of thunder, but we’ve seen little evidence of this. When he hears thunder, he’ll go over to his humans for reassurance. He does not panic or destroy anything. EGRR purchased a Thundershirt for him to help with any sort of discomfort, although so far he hasn’t needed it.

Papo also likes the beach, but is taking his time getting used to the water--so far, he only goes in up to his belly. His foster dad says that he is gentle and sweet.

If you feel you’d like to help sweet Papo and adopt a loyal, laid back companion, please call EGRR and ask for Papo. No children please.


Status: :  Available
Rescue Website:


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