Rescue of the Month

May 2012~ Meet Bear & Nick

Bear & NickGender: Male

Age: 7 years (Bear), 5 years (Nick)

Location: Georgia

Rescue Group: Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Out of State Adoptions: Yes




Bio: Hi, it's me, Bear. I am the spokesdog for me and my friend Nick. I am 7 years old and 74 pounds and he is 5 years old and 56 pounds. Nick is kind of shy and scared. He depends on me and I am helping him the best I can, but it would be nice to have some people to help too. The biggest reason I need help is that I have to have an operation Bear & Nickon my mouth and it's very serious. I have something bad called a "melanoma" but AGA found me a wonderful surgeon who will do her best to make me well by taking that thing away. After that I have to have shots to keep it from coming back. I haven't told Nick how serious this is but he sort of understands I may have to be away from him a few nights. But he is going to still be taken care of by our new, very special, foster family. We're both very scared but I just need to take this chance so I can be with him as long as possible.

This going to cost a lot of money. We need to collect $4500 for my surgery and the first set of shots--maybe more later for my shots. I just don't know what's ahead for me, right now, but I have to think everything will be OK,for mine and Nick's sake. I am going to concentrate on the fact that I am going to get help. I just can't leave Nick now, just when things are looking up and there is a good chance we will find a forever family. Please help us. This means everything to me and my friend Nick. Thank you for loving Goldens.

UPDATE (as reported by Bear): I have great news - Nick and I have a new family and we are so happy. A very nice man and woman came to visit us and heard all about me and my illness and met my buddy Nick. Nick really liked them. Then we met their three other dogs - a spaniel and two goldens and one is a former AGA orphan like us! We all liked each other. They adopted Nick and I became a permanent foster so I am sure Nick will have a home now when I have to leave and I get to stay with him and have a good time too! We have a great backyard with a fence so we can play ball as much as we want. We have our own beds and dishes and guess what? Our dad is recently retired and has lots of time to spend with us. My parents' daughter is a dog doctor, so guess who will be getting extra special care - me! Oops, I almost forgot to thank everyone who gave me money for my vaccines. My paws are crossed that they will work. But right now, Nick and I are pretty dog-gone happy.


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